Turn Commitment into Action

With the right resources, you can change the world. We built Attune to help you help your people. By deciphering where they’re at, analyzing their financial health, and walking you through your next steps, together we can bring everyone’s goals within reach.

We’ve built the bridge between your mission to lift up your people and the actions you can take to improve their lives.

Create and send quizzes to make financial self-assessment fun and educational
Gather insights in real-time as your responses populate intuitive dashboards
Unlock recommendations vetted by the Financial Health Network
Making Goals Attainable for Everyone
Your financial health research HQ
Pave the way to financial health with one sleek platform. Attune is a research department, an analytics team, a data visualization whiz, a financial health subject matter expert, and a statistician all boiled down to one trusty financial health suite.
Create projects

Get to know your community like never before. From a quick quiz to long-term analyses, Attune is your hub for managing, launching, and organizing your research campaigns, putting the needs of your people at the top.

Get the answers you need

Attune measures FHN-vetted criteria against various aspects of how people experience finances in their daily lives. It’s more than how people are doing with financial health; it’s how they feel about it.

Expert results, one click away
Deliver months of research in less than two minutes. Based on industry criteria demonstrated to improve peoples’ lives, Attune’s extraordinary data analytics and pattern recognition capabilities offer research findings your team can trust.
Automate your survey data analysis

Interpret the same data as world-class research teams, all in the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Attune’s automated cleaning, sorting, modeling, and analyzing transforms surveys into results almost instantaneously.

Discover statistically significant insights

Once data is processed and trends or patterns are identified, Attune adjusts formats and structures—as well as tests your hypotheses—to transform your findings into easy-to-share visual insights.

The results are clear
With no external visualization software or file exports required, Attune’s streamlined dashboards can show how your surveys performed, how your community responded, and what the patterns indicate—all at a glance.
Compare to the nationally representative
Financial Health Pulse® database

Quickly see how the financial health of the people you serve compares to the financial health of the nation.

Create custom benchmarks for the people you serve

Work with our stats team to collect the right benchmark for you, based on geography, age, education, income, and more.

Act on trusted insights
Attune’s algorithms are built on criteria vetted by the Financial Health Network, a nonprofit with two decades of experience in bringing financial health within everyone’s reach. Our insights help guide or validate your next move in helping your people thrive.
For added support in acting on your results, we’re able to offer personal follow-ups with our statistician, Lucy English, PhD, who can walk leaders and decision-makers through our suggestions step by step.
Recommendations at the ready

By sharing insights directly from Attune’s dashboard, survey results can help decision-makers act fast.

Discover the curves ahead

Head off surprises by identifying trends that indicate a shift in industry norms—and how to handle them.

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financial health to everyone
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