Who We Are

If we’re not taking care of each other, what exactly are we doing here? We built Attune because we needed it: a fast, efficient, and high-powered data-driven tool that could measure, interpret, and improve the financial wellness of our small community.

With our new platform, we identified where all of us were at in our financial journey, what our individual goals really were, and how we could help each other reach them. Amid the economic crisis and the pandemic, we found our way to sustain both our team and our business without sacrificing any of our core values.

From there, we knew we had to bring Attune to everyone.

Team Culture
Working to Live, Not Living to Work
Attune gave us balance, a career we could enjoy, and an improved quality of life, far from the corporate world. We built a warm and safe culture where we could honor and nurture what we most value: our loved ones, our skills, and our lives.
Health is not a compromise
In our book, sick days really mean sick days. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are our top priority—please rest and recover.
Family comes first
We never sacrifice our family and loved ones because of work. The work we do, we do it for them.
Work is fulfilling, meaningful, and collaborative
We built Attune to help each other. We foster trust and have each other's backs every step of the way. We're committed team players who enjoy getting things done together—and for the better.
Sustainability is our foundation
We're here to help each other learn and grow. That means we trust each other be transparent and honest about what we each need to learn and grow sustainably. Sometimes we don't know—so, as a team, we work together to other figure it out.
Company Values
How We Champion
We're professionals at building rapport. Having fun and enjoying what we do is key to our work culture.
We're globally distributed and believe remote work is the new sustainable way of achieving bigger things.
At Attune we invest in honest, deep relationships with each teammate, built on kindness and respect day by day.
To develop a product based on empathy, we start on the inside with care for ourselves and each other.
Our Three Golden Rules
No Dying

Don't turn a sick day into a sick week by pushing too hard when you need to rest. When you’re sick, leave the work behind. We'll still be here when you get back. In the meantime:

  • Call your doctor
  • Tell the team
  • Take good rest and recover
Don’t Be a Jerk

We all know the one about flies and honey. Please know you're pouring on the vinegar when you:

  • Make others feel small
  • Disrespect others (especially sexism, racism, and any form of discrimination)
  • Focus on negativity instead of the opportunity to make something better
Know the FinHealth Score®

This is the key innovation underlying everything we do. Every team member of Attune must know by heart:

  • The definition of financial health
  • All 8 indicators
  • How a FinHealth Score® is calculated
  • The differences between vulnerable, coping, and healthy
We measured, we learned, we acted
Using Attune with our own team, we realized planning ahead and long-term savings were our biggest gaps. So we hired a bilingual CFP to provide individualized, fiduciary advice to each team member, so we could all have strong financial plans in place.
Discover our story
Meet the Team
We are everybody. Queer, straight, trans, cis, immigrants, people of color, white people, people who grew up with a single parent on Social Security Disability Income, people who grew up in homes their parents owned, American, Canadian, Argentinian, Korean, and Mexican. We are coffee people and tea people and caffeine-free people, and we'd love to meet you.
Andy Bandyopadhyay, PhD
Founder & CEO
Lina Ghani
Director of Business Operations
Oksana Pylypiuk
Operations Manager
Lorena Lee
Product & Brand Manager
 English, PhD
Statistician & Consulting Lead
Christopher Vejby
Customer Success Manager
Engineering Manager
Infrastructure Engineer
Gonzalo García
Security Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
Jesús Liñan
Entry-Level Engineer
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